1. Our Own Findings
    Our Own Findings
    New York City poses a unique EMF situation. Because of the large and dense population, EMFs present an over-lapping accumulation found in few other places in the world. Cell phones are everywhere. Few know that their EMF output is up to 20x stronger in a subway car, elevator, or bus. Wi-Fi's from apartment buildings can create dozens if not hundreds of signals entering our bodies all the time. Dirty electricity (occurs when radio frequencies piggy-back onto our AC wiring...and, we all have it!) can also accumulate from neighboring apartments, too. Cell towers are placed much closer than European safety standards. and there's more. This is why it's essential that all New Yorkers become aware of the EMF levels in their immediate environment and begin to take steps to mitigate the constant avalanche of radiation.
  2. What's an EMF
    An EMF or Electromagnetic Field is radiation that's emitted from power lines, home wiring errors, household appliances, laptops, solar panel/ wind turbine/ hybrid car induction converters, cell towers transmitters, Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, stray neighborhood voltage, lighting, radioactive material, and much more. EMF radiation has been proven to be harmful with prolonged exposure. You could be fine one day, but because of its accumulative effect, suddenly present symptoms from over-exposure. The best way to begin the healing process from any illness is to reduce your EMF exposure to BioInitiative recommended safety levels.
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